Friday, July 26, 2019

I'm back baby

OK, I miss writing a bit here and there. If I'm going to start up again, now is a great time for it! I am going into week two of living in Tacoma, back on the west side of the mountains. I missed it a lot. I swear you can smell the difference in the air from the abundance of trees. Like, for reals trees. The kind that emit oxygen and not tumbleweeds.

I had really hoped that Door Dash would work for me in the interim of having a real people job and I had these dreams of being able to relax after I got here and live some kind of bougie chill hippy life until I found my place in the world. Well, Reddit is right. Door Dash is great if you already have a job that pays the bills, and have a lot of spare time doing nothing, and want to make a little extra money instead of doing nothing. It's not much of a gig otherwise.

So I find myself shopping for employment on Indeed. Over the last week I've had eleven job interviews. I'm lucky in that I have a pretty solid job history in a variety of but still closely grouped administrative/customer service type positions in mostly one place. It makes me a good candidate for most office jobs, the problem is finding a good office job that isn't better suited to a college student on summer break - someone who cares as little about the job as the job cares about them.

I had two really good prospects though. They were both small offices with really cool people. Send me good vibes! I think I would be really happy at either. At this point if both those jobs don't want me I will walk down to Taco Time and hope for the best. I bet you get free or at least discount mexi-fries.

Right now I am watching "You" on Netflix. It's pretty good! I was already pretty invested but now that John Stamos has shown his face I am fully committed. It's a great combo of drama and thriller, borderline very fringes of horror TV show. It has a great pace and I'm excited to see where it keeps twisting and turning.

I have a good feeling here. I think I can get my life on track. Back on track? Was it ever on track? Maybe the wrong track? Or maybe I just missed my turn. I don't know. Fucking metaphor needs to get its track in order then let me know.

Thursday, May 31, 2018

fallout 76

Can we please talk about how Kotaku is full of shit about having a "source" for "leaks" on this game? The descriptions they give are extremely vague and definitely what everyone was already thinking direction-wise. Get it together internet. Stop being impressed.

My equally informed as Kotaku guess on what this game will be: I am thinking a super sized version of Fallout Shelter. You'll probably be able to interact with friends or maybe even mess with them and their shelters. I think it'll have stuff that just keeps going wrong that you have to fix in your shelter and that's the brunt of the gameplay.

I really don't see them doing a Fortnite style game. I know that's the sexy hot shit right now but it would feel very weird in the Fallout universe.

In the end though it's all just chum in the water to distract us until Fallout 5 arrives someday.

pokemon: let's go!

So, yes. Definitely yes, to all of this. Hells yes.

My only concern with this game is that it will give Switch players a huge advantage and might make Pokemon Go a little less competitive and a little easier to max out on sweet Pokemons while sitting on your couch. That might piss off some raiders or people who don't pick up the game though I am guessing at this point Nintendo is just assuming everyone who plays Pokemon Go is a 100% sure purchase and that it may just go the other way around in bringing new gamers in who have a Switch but don't PoGo yet.

You can bet that I already preordered the Pikachu version!

Monday, April 25, 2016

Video Update #2

Battle Chef Brigade - Kill monsters and then cook them in this Iron Chef...

This game looks amazing! It is all the crack phone games I play mixed into one beautiful looking title. I can't wait! Man, I wish I was at PAX East right now! As far as I'm concerned it's already on our convention wishlist. Perhaps next year we will make it our con of the year and go.

Thursday, April 21, 2016

change of URL!

I changed my URL back to the .blogspot one because I was having issues with the .com one. As much as I loved being the Omegabat I think this'll be easier in the end. Plus it was registered under an old email address which was causing me some issues as well.

I realize it's going to suck having a billion broken links out there in the internet universe. Hopefully my traffic won't completely die, haha! Once I can figure out how to control the Omegabat one again I'll try and cancel it off GoDaddy and put it back on a new host.

Thinking about Omegabat is making me miss PAX. I swear, Beau and I will make a triumphant return someday!

why must technology be so fragile?

I managed to finally screw up my MacBook screen after dropping it a billion times! That's the reason I bought a MacBook in the first place. I had one in the past and no matter how many times I dropped it, it didn't break. Well, no such luck this time! It's still usable but very annoying with an extra black inky border and broken pixel lines running across the screen.

I can't remember who suggested this, but here's how you fix a MacBook screen when you don't want to pay $400 for a new retina screen:

It'll work for now as our media PC on the TV until we upgrade our computers again and set up something else. I also put it up on Craigslist so we'll see what happens. I'm hoping that someone who has spare parts around is interested in buying it and can just replace the screen themselves.

I'm thinking about replacing it with a Surface 3. I was going to wait until I could afford the newest Surface Pro for Beau and then use the one he already has but I think I want something lighter. I really don't need to do much with a laptop. Right now I am watching Netflix on my phone, where my laptop would have been, while I'm typing this.

Yesterday I mentioned to Beau that I miss having an MMORPG to play so he poked around a little and found that one of his old friends who he met through a previous MMO has been playing Final Fantasy XIV. She sent us friend referral emails so we are both in the process of downloading the very large game for the 14 day free trial. I'm excited! All I've been playing lately is a rotation of phone games (Futurama, Hopiko, Sailor Moon Drops, Candy Crush, Simpsons: Tapped Out) so it'll feel good if a proper video game can catch my attention.

Plus I've always been a pretty big Final Fantasy fan. I mean, really, who isn't? Still, I'm looking forward to three hours from now when it's done! Final Fantasy is the reason I always buy PlayStations before Xboxes. However, now that everything seems to be coming to PC I might just stop buying either!

Anyone reading this play FFXIV either full or trial? What do you think of it?